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The Mylott Group?

The Mylott Group is a cutting-edge advancement consultancy.  From all aspects of traditional fundraising strategies to the newest real world applications blending admissions data with behavioral analytics creating new best practices. 

TMG specializes in total channel integration and programming to provide a journey mapping process that creates points of opportunity that develop a stronger connection in the relationship process.  TMG also supports partners by providing key leadership personnel through the search process. Skill, vision, and leadership are what is needed when connecting the dots between admissions, fundraising, and talent management. We are not only developing the journey map for prospects, but for your leadership and institution as well. 

Recognized on a national level as a leader that thinks outside the box, founder Paul Mylott brings a history of innovation and extraordinary understanding with a creative perspective to all channels of solicitation and admissions data along with the knowledge and skill to map and leverage the journey from a prospective student to alumni donor. This approach is the most holistic in prospect development and creates a better understanding for more then just Advancement and Admissions, but also has applicable use with student services and other areas within the institution. The investment strategies along the journey become more focused and return higher ROI while developing the right interactions at the points of opportunity. 

In addition to Paul, TMG subject matter experts have amassed over 200 years of direct expertise.  They have served and, in some cases, continue to serve as Vice Presidents of Advancement, Vice Presidents of Enrollment Management and Associate Vice Presidents at more than 15 institutions and collectively have raised billions in resources. TMG does more than talk the talk, we walk the walk!

The Mylott Group helps institutions develop and execute focused programming and training to help grow and leverage all facets of fundraising opportunities.

Jeremy Thompson

Expertise - Institutional Communication, Marketing, Journey Mapping & Branding

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Annika Jensen

Expertise - Social Media Marketing & Communication

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Scott Peters

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Christine Regan

Expertise - International impact and Alumni Relations

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Expertise - Comprehensive Advancement

Expertise - Major Gifts, Planned Giving

Expertise - Advancement Services

& Operations

Expertise - Comprehensive Admissions

& Enrollment

Expertise - Comprehensive


Expertise - Health Care

Comprehensive Advancement 


Paul M. Mylott


Expertise - Comprehensive Advancement

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Sherri Givens Mylott

Expertise - Comprehensive Advancement

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Andrew Coddington

Expertise - Major Gifts and Planned Giving

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Austin G. Mylott


Expertise - Business Development, Research, Social Media 

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Monica Keith

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Monica Keith

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Lois Williams

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Lois Williams

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Bob Stamp

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Robert Stamp

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Dan Murphy

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Dan Murphy

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Expertise - Lifetime Philanthropic Engagement

Enrollment behavioral data

WE are the experts!

Understanding the relationship between a high school prospective student and your institution and what that data means to the Advancement division in the way of alumni participation, fundraising, and student life, can make a world of difference in today's tough market for philanthropic support. 


Leveraging the data from early relationships and the journey a future alum may travel is the difference when it comes time to enroll, engage, and support the institution.  While most colleges begin to develop relationships upon graduation, data shows many attributes are already set in the way of feelings toward the institutions in the prior six years of engagement.  

With our finger on the pulse having led and continuing to lead educational institutions gives us the unique view of what it really takes to understand and influence the journey of a prospective student, enrolled student, and ultimately alumni, and where their relationship is with the institution.


WE are the experts!

The difference between TMG and all the others, is a century plus of direct experience in the field. No longer do you need to depend upon consultants with a few years of experience that is leveraged with great sales techniques.  No longer will you get cookie cutter analysis that simply have your name substituted for someone else’s. It is time for a change – WE are the experts!  

We consider our relationships as partnerships – in it together! TMG has well over 200 years of combined experience at the executive and leadership position – in institutional advancement and enrollment – WE are the experts!

Having raised hundreds of millions individually and collectively multiple billions of world-changing resources – WE are the experts!

Ready to find out more?

The relationship between admissions and advancement has been ignored for far too long - contact us and learn how we help leverage early relationships into life-long relationships. Our programs provide early ROI that keeps growing year after year.  We also can assist you in finding the right people who understand and can develop programs like this to make your institution stronger and cutting edge - ready for the future.