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The Mylott Group believes that education is what shapes the future. Understanding what it takes to have an impact on an institution through human capital and creative programming through all aspects of the relationship journey is what we understand from a 160+ year industry perspective.  We are proud to have served and currently serve these and other fine institutions.

Different! That is what we are – different. “What we do” at The Mylott Group is deliver skilled, creative, and thoughtful leadership along with creative and successful methods of fundraising to our clients. How we are different is “why” we do this in the first place. With 160+ years of direct personal experience in higher education, we have been devoted to the empowerment it brings to individuals, communities, and the world. Developing resources that further the mission of an institution, create new learning opportunities, and educate the student of today to be the problem solver of tomorrow is a big job. That job is also one of the most rewarding jobs around. At TMG we will never cure a disease, negotiate peace, or provide a better life for humankind – but by finding you the right person, or helping you to raise resources, we might just help educate a student who will. That is why at TMG we take this job seriously and apply those 160+ years of heart felt care and bake it in to every search and every job we do. Providing you with the right person or the right consulting at the right time makes all the difference – just ask the future. 

Paul Mylott

Principal - The Mylott Group

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Having led and in many cases still leading organizations gives us the unique perspective of what it really takes. The relationship between admissions and advancement has been ignored for far too long - journey mapping - major gift work training and pipeline management - executive searches with your best interests in mind - annual giving growth strategies - a holistic view of all programming and how it works together - contact us and learn how we help leverage early relationships into life-long (and beyond) opportunities and grow your program. Our programming provides early ROI that keeps growing year after year. 


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